Apartment Turnovers!

Today is September 11th! You know what that means? Only eleven days after one of the busiest days in Boston! Now what day is that, you say? It’s September 1st, not only known as Allston Christmas, but is the also the city-wide move in day!

In the early 20th century when there were just twenty-something colleges and universities in Boston, pretty much the whole city adopted the September to September academic calendar. Since then, September 1st has become the unofficially official move in day for most apartments in the Boston area. This makes August 1st to August 31st the unofficially official time that apartment owners use to turnover their rental units and get them ready for incoming renters.

According to Massachusetts law, all rooms must be repainted between each new tenant and this can be an overwhelming task for building owners. CCS is there to take this task off of your hands with our apartment turnover service. This service has been a part of our operations for decades and we specialize in a quick and easy apartment turnover. We dispose of left garbage, clean all surfaces, sanitize inside and outside of appliances, remove garbage, move furniture, dust, clean and sanitize bathrooms, wash and commercially vacuum floors, and make units sparkle for incoming tenants for their September 1st move in date. Furthermore, not all building owners have been blessed with respectful tenants so we also make small repairs to everything from divots in walls to lighting fixtures to carpet stains. Additionally, we use all certified organic products so there is no worry of leftover smells from toxic cleaners for new tenants.

Our staff is trained to deal with all sorts of issues and can be trusted with your property. We value communication at CCS so managers, employees, and customers are always in the loop about what is happening at each property. We are always willing to work with customers and take the stress out of being a Boston property owner.

Next year, leave the worry to us and enjoy your summer! Contact us to arrange for our apartment turnover service at 617-78-CLEAN.

We also provide apartment turnover services all year long!

Picture from Shutterstock and The Boston Globe online.