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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks Thanksgiving is a time for people to take a moment from their busy lives to gather with family and friends and reflect on the previous year. Every year, we at CCS embrace this tradition and always make it a priority to show our appreciation and gratitude to our employees and customers. We still… Continue Reading →

Don’t Stress Over that Halloween Mess

Halloween is full of festivities, fun, and is a favorite holiday for kids and adults all over Boston. Some fun is good and clean, while some bad apples take to the streets for some ghoulish activities. Not only do candy wrappers and bottles litter the streets, but those pranksters out there love to use some… Continue Reading →

Apartment Turnovers!

Today is September 11th! You know what that means? Only eleven days after one of the busiest days in Boston! Now what day is that, you say? It’s September 1st, not only known as Allston Christmas, but is the also the city-wide move in day! In the early 20th century when there were just twenty-something… Continue Reading →