Cleaning During Allergy Season

Ahh! It’s Allergy Season!

With such such a stifling winter in Boston because of all of the snow, allergy sufferers are especially feeling it this summer. Meteorologists have repeatedly expressed their concern over the high levels of pollen, ragweed, and other allergens in the air. However, don’t fret! There are few things to fight back against these nature ninjas.

In an article by found here, Dawn Allcott stresses the importance of cleaning your living space and making sure the products you use are green. People often think to clean their individual bedrooms and bathrooms, but many people forget the importance of keeping entry ways and communal living areas clean. Dawn makes a great point that “it’s important to focus on all entry ways because they’re how pollen and mold from the great outdoors are usually tracked into the house.” Additionally, it’s very important to pay particular attention to what products are being used to clean. Certified green products are always safer than anything with harsh chemicals, which can be inhaled and cause injury to your respiratory system.

Luckily, Commercial Cleaning Service has your back when it comes to keeping your community living spaces clean and green! Not only do we only use certified green products, but we take the stress and worry out of making sure entryways and hallways are clean, clear, and allergen free.