Don’t Stress Over that Halloween Mess

Halloween is full of festivities, fun, and is a favorite holiday for kids and adults all over Boston. Some fun is good and clean, while some bad apples take to the streets for some ghoulish activities. Not only do candy wrappers and bottles litter the streets, but those pranksters out there love to use some silly string, toilet paper, shaving cream, and eggs to make their mark on local properties. Even those office Halloween parties can get a little out of hand. There can be spillage from drinks that stain and dropped chocolate treats can easily get ground into the carpet. CCS values your property the same way you do and is always there to attend to all of these messes for you.

Don’t forget if those ghosts and ghouls get a little too aggressive and make some semi-permanent marks, please call us at 78-FIXIT to take care of some of those bigger repairs. Kicked in structures? Call us! Need some repainting after some spray paint disasters? Give us a ring! Broken lights and fixtures? Dial us up!

We are here to take the stress out of the Halloween clean up and we want you to start the month of November with a clean slate and a clean property. The sooner you call us at 617-78-CLEAN, the sooner we can make your property sparkle again.

Some quick cleaning tips:
1.) The sooner you attend to a mess, the less chance it has to make a permanent mark.
2.) Shaving cream can take make a mark on clear or shiny surfaces, but with a microfiber cloth and warm water most of the shaving cream will come off quickly. On concrete, water and an organic laundry detergent will work best.
3.) Silly string comes off best with some soap and water and a microfiber cloth before it hardens. After it hardens it can be a bit harder to clean, so it is best to attend to the mess as soon as possible.
4.) Toilet paper is easy to get off when it’s dry, but when it’s wet it becomes a nightmare to clean. It is best to start picking up the paper as soon as possible so it does not have the opportunity to get wet from morning dew. If it has already been wet, waiting until the afternoon sun dries it might be a better option.
5.) Thrown eggs is one of the smelliest pranks. It’s best to use a water and vinegar mixture which will clean the mess, disinfect, and get rid of the smell.