•Identify special cleaning services, procedures, and equipment that may need to be added, enhanced or increased. •Train staff on Coronavirus:         •Identify high-touch surfaces         •Use disposable wipes and disinfectants to sanitize high-touch surfaces         •Wear gloves while cleaning (and facemasks while using sprayers)         •Learn how to correctly use Disinfectant Sprayer units •Leverage an effective cross-functional team communication… Continue Reading →


Level 1 – Automatic Cleaning Updates

•Beyond the typical cleaning we provide, we will be using disposable wipes to disinfect all high-touch surfaces that are likely to spread disease, at no additional cost. High touch surfaces include:         •Entryway Doorknobs and Push Plates         •Light Switches         •Bathroom Fixtures         •Handrails         •Individual Office Surfaces including         •Elevator buttons, door push plates, kitchen areas, service counter areas,… Continue Reading →


Level 2 – Additional Services

•To get the most out of sanitization efforts, CCS recommends that clients temporarily update their cleaning recurrences to a daily schedule •CCS is also offering Disinfecting Spray Services. Disinfectants and disposable wipes do not guarantee against Coronavirus, so CCS has invested in disinfectant tanks that can be sprayed across surfaces to:         •Reduce cross contamination considerably… Continue Reading →