Seasonal Services

New England, and Boston in particular, is not an area where the weather is predictable. Commercial Cleaning offers more than cleaning services for your business. Our dedicated team offers the services you need in any and every season, including snow plowing, landscaping, plating, and more.

Work with a company that understands your specific needs, and how they change in New England from season to season.

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Snow Removal: Boston is known for two things, the Red Sox and wild New England winters. Those crazy Nor’ Easters bring mounds of snow all winter long. CCS wants to make sure your property is safe for you residents and patrons throughout the winter with our snow removal service. We don’t just scoop the snow, we get right down to the ground as well as use a pet friendly ice melt to ensure that pathways, stairs, and entrances are all clear. This service is only available for our contract cleaning customers.

Landscaping: CCS will not only take care of the inside of your property, but now we want to maintain the outside as well. Ever walk by a property and say, “Wow, it looks so nice, I would love my property to look like that, but I just don’t have the time.” Now with our new landscaping service, your building can look as good outside as it does inside. Work with our team of garden gurus to make a plan that works for you including mowing, planting, mulching, trimming, and everything else that comes with maintaining a beautiful lawn.

Planters: Planters are a great way to add a little something extra to your property and truly make your building look welcoming to residents and customers. We design, plant, and maintain season – appropriate planters that will bring a smile to faces all year long.