The Importance of the Laundry Room

There are times customers overlook the importance of using our cleaning service to keep their laundry room clean for their residents. Luckily, we are quick to remind them that a happy laundry room means a happy building as the laundry room is many times the heart of where dust and allergens live.

Flonase, a notable remedy for allergen relief, states on their website here that a great way to remove allergens is “by tossing all washable comforters, mattress covers, pillows, bed skirts, curtains, blankets, throws, and slip covers into the wash.” In large residential buildings imagine the amount of dust, lint, and allergens that can accumulate from residents trying to combat their fall allergies! Commercial Cleaning Service commits to cleaning a laundry room right and removing this buildup from your communal laundry rooms by giving it the professional once-over that is up to par with our high standards. We clean the lint traps, wash floors, clean machines, remove trash, and anything else it takes to keep the area feeling fresh.

Managing editor of Kitchen and Bath Design News Anita Snow writes that laundry rooms “are places where people actually enjoy spending time,” and why shouldn’t they? Laundry rooms are a place for residents to meet one another and interact. One interior designer she interviewed noted that laundry areas have “become this wonderful multi-use space that’s not just about laundry anymore. It’s almost like a secondary multi-purpose room.”

It’s true, the laundry room of any facility is one of the most important common areas of the building. The front foyer sets the tone of the building, but the laundry room is one of the most frequently overlooked common areas, but yet one of the most used. An integral part in maintaining a successful residential facility is cleaning and maintaining the laundry room.