Safety Training

Our employees are a loyal and dependable component of the 78-CLEAN System and we recognize their contribution to our success. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to hiring and developing the most conscientious and professional cleaners in the industry. Each applicant is screened, oriented and trained before reporting for work.

Employee Screening

Before hire, each applicant must satisfy a complete background screen including:

  • Comprehensive Reference Check
  • Criminal Background Screen
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check
  • I-9 Compliance with no less than two acceptable forms of identification

Orientation and Training

Each cleaner is fully orientated to the 78-CLEAN System, with hands-on, classroom and video presentations:

  • Company policies, rules and procedures
  • Review of Employee Handbook
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Organizational structure
  • Emergency Procedures and Security
  • Quality Assurance – Customer Satisfaction
  • Technical Skills – Technique and Enhancement


Commercial Cleaning Service Inc. is committed to assuring a clean, safe and healthy work place. Each CCS employee is required to undergo Safety Training Programs including:

  • Safe Work Practices
  • General and Specific Safety Procedures
  • Accident prevention and reporting
  • OSHA approved HazCom – Right to Know
  • OSHA approved Blood Borne Pathogens Training
  • OSHA approved Emergency Control Procedures
  • OSHA approved Personal Protective Equipment Training
  • First Responder situation identification and usage of our 78-Clean First Aid Kits

Support and Oversight

Recognizing the importance corporate support, our OSHA trained leadership team conducts on-site safety training, random inspections and is readily available 24/7 for support and direction.